Out of the Office – Weekend Treks

Monsoon always tempts one to step out of office and feel the droplets on fingers, tap the feet with the sound of rain and smell the essence of life that is earth. Then why to seat and just wish, when you can get to plan your weekend even on Friday evening.
There’s something special and unusual about a last minute weekend getaway. You know, the kind where you pick a spot on the map, book a cab, and pack your bags without thinking twice. The kind where one day you’re sitting at your desk and the next you’re somewhere entirely new and different. Once you make the mental leap, an impulsive vacation can be a refreshing and much needed escape from everyday life.
Thus Plus Valley have come up with all weekend packages for this monsoon. No to worry with the planning but make sure you are planning for coming weekends. Still want to know why to plan weekend getaway in monsoon. Wait for your mind to settle with awesomeness of monsoon trails while your heart already knows it.
Monsoon is the time when most of the country becomes soaked in waters and most of the trekking route turns out closed for trekking. Nevertheless, there are several trekking routes, which a trekker can opt during the showers to satiate their quest for carrying out this exciting adventure. If you are a trekking enthusiast and want to enjoy trekking in the season when the sky turns bluer and foliages turn greener. Here are the top treks that you must opt for your trekking in monsoon.
The Sahyadri, with their rugged topography, rocky mountains and pinnacles, historic hill forts, huge lakes and extensive forest region are a virtual paradise for trekking, climbing and camping. The Sahyadris provide a wide choice of outdoor and adventure to all lovers of outdoor life – the trekker, the climber and the nature lover.