1. Terms and Conditions –

General Provisions:

  1. All our services sold are subject to the Terms and Conditions mentioned herein and the same shall govern the contract between us.

  2. In the event of booking of any tours or travel products or services like cruise, jungle safaris, treks, flights, coaches, trains, sightseeing etc., the Terms and Conditions specified by us or Tour Operators including payment schedule, cancellation, refund etc., shall be applicable in addition to our Terms and Conditions.

  3. The services comprising the camps/tours are provided by independent entities that own or operate airlines, surface transportation, hotels, resorts, campsites, restaurants, kitchen caravans, caterers, ships and cruises, places of entertainment like theme parks, water parks, museums etc. Though we select reputed suppliers after we inspect their infrastructure, however, we have no direct control over such services or persons providing such services or their staff. We cannot be held responsible if the contemplated service is not provided by the supplier or there is a defect or deficiency in the services provided by any supplier. Consequently, any delay, injury, death, loss or damage caused on the above account does not render us liable to the Clients who have chosen us as organizers. However if a Client is not satisfied with the supplier, we can take up the matter with the supplier, if intimated immediately as per the process described herein.

  4. Similarly, we do not take responsibility of any act or omission of co-travelers or third parties, if it results in injury, damage or danger to the life/limb or property of any Client.

  5. As we book services in advance and are bound to honor the commitments as to payment to the suppliers, cancellation of services earmarked results in the Firm losing money depending upon the time of communication of cancellation to the supplier and therefore, the cancellation schedule which is based on the above amongst other factors becomes applicable on cancellation.

Description of service in the offer documents and the website:

  1. We publish the pamphlets/offer documents/website in advance. Naturally, these documents prescribe the, then available services as accurately as possible. However, factors and circumstances beyond our control like traffic problems, weather conditions, fairs, festivals, sport events, political/religious gatherings, strikes, change of management/closure of hotels/restaurants, overbooking of hotels/flights/trains, cancellation re-routing of flights or trains, closure of/restricted entry at a place of sightseeing may result in changes in the services/itineraries. We, therefore reserve the absolute right to alter, amend, change or modify the Tour Package, Itineraries, Tour Schedule, the Travel Plan, Tour Dates and sightseeing. Where we may know of these sufficiently in advance we would notify the Client, otherwise out Tour Managers or Local Representative/s would inform you of the change on the spot.

  2. In case the alternate arrangements made are materially superior as compared to the ones described in the website/pamphlet/itinerary/offer document, we may charge extra for the same anytime.

  3. The services to which the Client is entitled are described in the website/pamphlet/itinerary/offer document and/or the price grid or the concerned invoice as the case may be. Neither our staff members nor the Clients are authorized to promise any service or facility over and above the mentioned ones and agree upon at the point of sale. Changes may be made solely at the discretion of the Director/s of the Firm.

  4. For the comfort, safety and convenience of the Clients, we would sometimes amend the itinerary. The company would also try to inform the Client about these changes, prior to the start of the tour or during the tour if that is possible.


  1. The Client is supplied with complete details of the Tour Arrangement/Itinerary/Price Grid and the Terms and Conditions for the relevant tour. He shall read the same carefully before filling and signing the Booking Form and the Terms and Conditions.

  2. The Terms and Conditions, Booking Form, Payment Receipt shall be binding on the parties and shall constitute a contract between the parties. In case of one or more but not all the Clients signing the Booking Form/Terms and Conditions, it shall be deemed that the others have duly authorized the concerned signing Client/s to do so.

  3. In case the Client signs the booking form for and on behalf of the persons named in the Booking Form, it shall be deemed and construed that the persons named in the booking form have duly authorized the signing Client to do the same.

  4. The signing of the Booking Form and the Terms and Conditions by the Client or any person on his behalf, shall reconfirm the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions contained herein by the Client in totality.

  5. The Firm reserves the right to decline to book any person/s for any Tour or to cancel their booking without assigning any reason.

  6. No person including the Employee/s of the Firm or the Client have the authority to alter, amend or waive any stipulation, representation, Term or Condition set forth in this document. Assurance if any, which is contrary to the terms and conditions given, shall not bind the Firm. The authority to alter, amend or waive any stipulation, representation, Term or Condition set forth in this document lies only with the Firm’s Management.

  7. The Firm has a right at any time to:

  8. Terminate the contract prior to the commencement of the Tour without assigning any reason whatsoever.

  9. Amend, alter, vary or withdraw any tour, holiday excursion or facility it has advertised or published or to substitute a service by a service of similar class or type if it is deemed advisable or necessary.

  10. In either case, the Firm shall refund/compensate at the discretion of its Management

Pricing Policy:

  1. The Firm shall decide the prices of the respective tours from time to time and the relevant price list will be furnished to the Client on request. The said price list shall interlaid include the price of the tour payable by the Client to the Firm.

  2. In any event, no person/s other than the Management of the Firm have the authority to sell a Tour Package at a rate higher/lower than that mentioned in the price list.

  3. The prices quoted in website/pamphlet/itinerary/offer document are calculated at the rate prevailing at the time of the printing of website/pamphlet/itinerary/offer document. The Firm reserves the right to amend the Prices published in the website/pamphlet/itinerary/offer document and to charge accordingly in case of currency fluctuations, changes in fuel costs, special/high season charge levied by the suppliers, hike in tax, hike of airline/railway charges before the date of departure. All such increases in price must be paid to Firm in full prior to the departure of the Tour.

  4. All services would be specified vide the Invoices, Itineraries and/or Service Voucher(s). A Service Voucher is the written confirmation of the entitlement of the Client to travel on the tour and avail the services offered by the Firm.

  5. The Firm does not undertake the responsibility of altering any plan for the Client traveling on his own without prior intimation to the Firm.

  6. All our Trips/Tours are excluding the traveling expenses from the given reporting point


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