Some Tips:
Avoid loud colors while picking out clothes and gear. The wild animals have a tendency to get distracted from colors. Stick to neutrals, blacks, greens.
Carry travel sized items and not the whole product. Especially the things such as ointments. Every gram matters.
If there are 2 options, do NOT pick both. You would only be needing one version of the thing.
Choose a lightweight backpack (As a rule of thumb, do not pick a backpack that’s more than 1.5 kg heavy).
Use packing cubes/plastic covers to organize your things. That way, if you need your toiletries, you need not unpack the entire bag.
The things you need frequently during the trek should go in the shoulder/hip pouches (so that you don’t have to open the backpack everytime).
The things you need on and off during the trek such as goggles, sunscreen, gloves, tissues etc should be packed in the top compartment (you avoid digging the backpack this way).
The things you don’t need until you reach a campsite should go right at the bottom.


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Trek Essentials


The most daunting task that lays ahead is putting together our packing list for Trek. Here is a list of the gear that you must be bringing when set out in mountains. This suggestions will help most of trekkers to get through adventure on easy side.