We are being leader in Outbound Training and Experiential Learning. We have been training industry professionals for over 15 years on various facets of team forming; team working and team building through our unique and very interesting outdoor activities. We take the team through five stages of team building process. In order to make deeper impact on an individual, we also analyse individual behaviours using behavioural profiling techniques which enables people to understand their preferred style and how their style impact interpersonal relation and eventually the team performance and effectiveness. Our program also provide ‘safe environment’ in resolving many interpersonal issues of the team.

Our Methodology

We appreciate that training is a very expensive intervention for your business hence we do everything to provide you best return on your investment. We follow under mentioned steps to make training intervention effective:
1. Conduct training need identification through our questionnaire and interviews with various stake holders.
2. Plan a program outline wherein we specify each activity with its objectives and lessons to be learnt.
3. Plan the execution as per specification of the client organisation.
4. Conduct the program.
5. Provide feedback to the participants and the client organisation. We also can make recommendations for continuity training effort. This step is optional and is followed only on client’s request.



Induction program


A two day intervention for new employees. The program enables the new entrants to understand organisation culture, ethics and values of the organisation.



Campus to Corporate

(First step)

A two day program for fresh graduates from campuses. The objective of program is preparing a fresh graduate to the corporate life.




Team Building


A two day intervention for a new team being formed or for bonding of existing team members



Team Dynamics

(In step)

A two to three day intervention for resolving team issues and achieving intra and inter team effectiveness.




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Outbound Training Program for Corporates

Plus Valley Adventure a leader in ‘Outbound Training’ and ‘Experiential Learning’ and An Outdoor Adventure Travel Company.Since the training needs are unique for each team/organisation, we conduct customized training interventions for each of our clients. We have highly experienced trainers to plan, conduct and facilitate these programs and we assure you best of our services.